DIABOTICAL Promises To Bring Back Classic Arena FPS

In an age where the arena FPS is having a renaissance of sorts, one game is attempting to bring back the genre in it's purest form. Watch the trailer for Diabotical and continue reading below...

With 7 weapons, small maps, no load outs, and health only gained via pickups...Diabotical looks to bring back true Arena FPS gaming. The game itself boasts it was developed by a team of Quake developers and ex-e-sports pros.

The e-sports mention is key in this game. We are promised in-game tournament systems for tracking the sport competitively and a price point everyone can afford at around $10-$15 at launch! Stats, ladders, and dedicated servers can be expected on day of launch as well.

As we all know, it's super easy to promise the moon but can Diabotical deliver? I'm interested enough to find out. The makers say they're still about 10-12 months away from launch but you can support them on Kickstarter right now.