DICE Revealed Everything They Learned From The Alpha For BATTLEFIELD 5

Last month, DICE hosted a closed alpha for Battlefield V, allowing a small group of players to try out an early version of the game set in the map of Arctic Fjord. Now, DICE published a detailed blog post explaining the data and feedback they were able to gather during the alpha. 

According to the developer, the primary purpose of the alpha was to test the game's technical components such as the "many backend systems, player scoring rate, and many other things." During the alpha, the gameplay, especially the matching system was highlighted. DICE encountered several issues concerning the "matchmaking configuration" resulting in error prompts or players being put into "less suitable server locations."

"There are many factors to juggle when it comes to matchmaking: finding players with equal latency and skill level, and more - and these factors all need to co-exist," DICE's blog post explained.

Moreover, the closed alpha revealed a few issues with server stability. DICE explained that crashes should be as rare as possible and they were almost about to hit that target. Nevertheless, DICE will aim to improve stability. 

Here is the breakdown of issues that will be addressed after the closed alpha:

  • Revive system is now 2.5 seconds faster and will be "less clunky."
  • Ammo will be limited at deployment, and changes are being made to achieve an "optimal balance."
  • Ultra powerful "reinforcement weapons," will be toned down
  • Time To Kill (TTK) will be a work in progress to improve camera shake when a player gets hit. DICE will also investigate possible changes to weapon damages as well

Battlefield V is set to release on October 19 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One with early access available to EA/Origin Access subscribers on October 11. Owners of the game's Deluxe Edition will also have early access on October 16. 

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