DICE Reveals Details On New STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Mode And Death Star DLC

Next week, Star Wars Battlefront owners will have a brand new offline mode to play with a friend or solo. DICE says "skirmish" mode will allow players to compete against bots solo or with a friend on console only beginning July 20th. The mode can be either Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron and will be available across several levels. Essentially it's the online mode except now you can play it on your own like the past installments.

They also announced that we can expect the new Death Star DLC to launch this September, which features both space and ground maps, new cards and new characters. One of those new characters is "huge" apparently and has been requested universally amongst fans. If I were a betting man I would say it's probably Yoda, but it would be just as cool to see classic Obi-Wan as well! It wouldn't make too much sense to be Yoda as he wasn't actively fighting in the original trilogy, so I'm gonna go with Obi-Wan.

Additionally, players will get free trial periods of the new Bespin DLC throughout the rest of the Summer. That's a lot of cool stuff to add but I just don't know if I'm ready to come back to this game. I really wanted the classic experience from the old games and this one just does not deliver in that regard. Has it gotten better?