Did Marvel's Chris G Go To Far?

Christopher Gonzalez better known as Chris G is counted among one of the top Marvel Vs Capcom 3 players in the world. His name is synonymous with Fighting games and there is nary an aspiring fighting game player that hasn’t heard of the “The Problem”. Hell, I even once hosted a tournament for Street Fighter IV some years ago and he participated.


Anyway, Chris G is also notorious for controversy, one of which that has struck a major cord with people of color within the community itself.


Christopher had recently gotten into a discussion on Facebook which compared how black women are treated in comparison to Asian Women within the FGC. Things basically broiled down to Chris calling black women in the FGC “Rachet” and that they “Suck” and basically how they are all talk. Chris also made dubious claims to knowing “about 200 black girls in the scene” and how about “20, if even, are respectable.



Par for the course for Ghris G, who’s known to make incendiary comments that tend to throw the community into upheaval. However in this day and age of political correctness it seems that mistakes like these are career ending. But in the fighting game community where does the trash talk end and Esports really begin?


After all,this is a man that equates a woman’s worth to whether or not she can perform a dragon punch so take that as you will.

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