DISGAEA is Getting a PC Release

Disgaea is a common household names for JRPG fans of the modern day. Maybe not as common as Final Fantasy, but still pretty fantastic in ways of comedy and gameplay. The game has a tactics style gameplay and borrows story elements from Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Lost in Space. It's a fun, hilarious game that not only plays well, but also has an interesting story. And after years of only being available on Sony Systems, NIS America is going to be releasing it's masterpiece to the PC!

The company announced it will be releasing the game to Steam in February of next year. And they promise the game will be more than just a port. It will have mouse and keyboard support, Steam achievements, and an updated UI and textures.

I've always enjoyed Disgaea. There are so many cool features including a unique weapon upgrading system where you go into the weapon and fight enemies inside of it to level it up, and an alley and enemy throwing system that makes strategy a bit more relevant than other JRPGs, and a max level of 9,999. I'll be excited to play it when it comes out next year.

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