Disney Has Cut Ties With PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Videos

Update: Google has now removed PewDiePie from their preferred users affecting his ad revenue and YouTube has cancelled his YouTube Red original series. Ya dun goofed Pewd.

Disney has dropped PewDiePie from their YouTube brand "Maker Studios" after the YouTuber made several anti-semitic videos. In particular, several media outlets are pointing to this video which trended on Reddit and several other sites the day after it was posted...

PewDiePie took to his Tumblr to say essentially that he was just "meme'ing" for his audience and that while an older crowd may find this offensive, his audience knows that what he is doing is in jest. While I know that's 100% true and PewDiePie is not secretly a Neo-Nazi pushing an agenda throughout YouTube, you gotta remember you represent a brand. With over 50 million subscribers on the channel, it's doubtful he's gonna go broke anytime soon, but being out of the Disney family seems to have impacted the YouTuber in a way he feels he has to justify. 

Do you feel bad for PewDiePie? 

Source: Gamespot