Dive Into The Psychological Horror Of MY BEAUTIFUL PAPER SMILE

Being raised in a facility that is determined to raise children to be perfect is sure to be the best way to mess up a kid. Unfortunately, that is the exact situation that Two Star Games puts you in with their upcoming psychological horror game My Beautiful Paper Smile. This game will take you, a 2D child surrounding by fellow children and weird adults, through a 3D world full of dark themes and curiosities.

Players will play as one of the Joyous; a child who is part of an operation conducted by the authorities. You have been locked away with other Joyous in a facility where you are tested daily. While you do not appreciate everything that has been done “for” you, failing to live up to the goal of being a perfect child is threatened to have you taken away. Instead of getting a taste of the potential that perfection could hold, you find yourself wanting to escape. The question is, can you before they find out what you are doing?

While the trailer states that Chapter 1 for My Beautiful Paper Smile will be launching in September 2019, the Steam page lists an early 2020 release. Either way, it looks like we will be getting this game in segmented chapter releases, but at least we can see what it is all about and see what kind of gameplay we have in store through the experience of the first chapter. Are you ready for another psychological adventure?