DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN Enhanced Edition Shows Off Its Combat On PS4 and Xbox One

Divinity Original Sin is a turn based RPG that allows you to tweak your character to your liking without being limited by a predetermined class. The combat in the game follows suit in the freedom department, allowing you to use your group's abilities in many creative ways. Whether by using weather effects in conjunction with elemental attacks, or by using the varying abilities of steam or magic to knock out or knock back a group of foes, there are so many combinations that it should be quite awhile before players get bored. One of the best examples of this type of spark is dousing an ally on fire with a water balloon. If that sort of thinking permeates through the rest of the items and elemental effects in the full game, call me sold. 

Divinity Original Sin has been a huge hit since its original Kickstarter campaign and has a sequel already in the works. I missed out on the original release, so I am quite happy to get another shot to experience it within the comfort of my living room. The Enhanced Edition comes to Xbox One and PS4 on October 27th.

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