Dead Ringer

The above screenshot pretty much entails what you'll experience the second and final (?) DLC for the amazing DARK SOULS III that I absolutely adored upon. Beauty, despair, death, and pain. That is basically what I felt and experience in my short time with THE RINGED CITY and while similar to the full game, the despair part of my experience is what really stood out. While that can be viewed as both positive and negative in a series like this, let me just say, this DLC is not for the faint of heart.

First off, we have review the series on PC and the game is absolutely gorgeous, running in 4K at 60FPS is an absolute dream. The artistry and technical wizardry behind this title are second to none and I applaud the team behind it to continue to pump out twisted but oh so gorgeous environments, enemies, and effect to die to.

Second, just as an FYI, if you are under level 110, you are in for a challenge. If you are under level 100, forget about it unless you want pure misery and pain. The enemies of the DLC's first area, The Dreg Heap, will absolutely crush you, to the point of absolute frustration.  Now this isn't the common type of frustration that can come from the Souls series but the enemies and challenges on display here are absolutely unforgiving. I'll played A LOT of Souls and my character wasn't even ready for the challenge presented to me. There is no intro, no easing you in but just pure punishment and that is getting a bit old IMHO. 

Now with that out of the way, I definitely do have to say that this piece of DLC still has some of the most amazing level design, boss fights, and mystery. The devs are pure geniuses and it shows here in spades. 

In the end, this DLC isn't for everyone as the level requirements are a huge barrier yet the game itself could be considered one giant hurdle to casual gamers and those who aren't in for a serious challenge. I absolutely adore BLOODBORNE and the Souls series but this is almost too much punishment and not enough reward. Still, it's a fantastic piece of DLC if you can get over the said requirements and FROM's twisted genius has never been more amazing to behold.. Just don't expect a leisurely stroll through any of the content. #GluttonsForPunishment