Don't Panic! Nintendo Confirms That 'Luigi Is Okay'

A few days ago, Nintendo released the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that revealed new features that will be included, when the game hits the Nintendo Switch in December. However, the scene that got the most attention was during Simon Belmont’s teaser. The preview showed Luigi suffering a horrible death as his soul was sucked out of his body, which got people worried. 

It seems that everything is okay after all and Nintendo released a tweet saying that, “Luigi is okay.” 

Luigi’s horrific death took place in a preview from the latest Nintendo Direct. The footage showed Luigi heading to Dracula’s castle, where he came face to face with the grim reaper causing him to faint in fear. Almost immediately after the live broadcast, people began speculating on Luigi’s well-being, but the Nintendo UK VS Twitter account assured fans that Luigi is okay. 

This is not the first time that a Nintendo character got killed in a Nintendo Direct. During last year’s E3 live stream, Mario was pierced through the chest by Ridley, which revealed that he was a playable character. The preview ended with Mario’s hat left behind, which at the time, people thought symbolized the end of his career. Of course, we know today that Mario is alive and well, and unlike Luigi, Nintendo did not say anything about his status after the live stream.  

At least we can sleep easy knowing that Luigi is okay after all. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to launch on December 7 this year for the Nintendo Switch. 

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