DOOM Collector's Edition Includes 12" Statue of The Revenant

Everything Doom can be said with this specific demon over the course of the franchise’s history, as the shoulder mounted rocket launchers and jet packs get the message across quite effectively. Now when you preorder Doom, you can have a 12” version of him staring back at you from your collector’s shelf. It gets better though: the base he stands on lights up. The description mentions a slow spinning turbine, so that’ll make for some killer looking illumination. It also comes in a solid metal case.

Bethesda and id's handling of this reboot keeps looking better and better with every bit of news that comes out. TriForce seems to have done a fantastic job with how this is guy is looking, and it should inspire some people to pay ahead of time for their copy. The official Bethesda website for Doom explains all of the details on the various editions of the game available May 13, 2016.

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