DOOM Just Got Motion Controls For The Nintendo Switch


The release of Doom for the Nintendo Switch has been a blast for fans of the game who can now play their favorite shooter on the go. To make things more fun, the game has recently been updated and among the many additions to the game, a motion control option is one of them. 

Just like the Switch version of Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2, the team behind Doom is adding the option for players to experience the game with “motion aiming.” This new feature allows players to aim their weapons by moving the right Joy-Con to the direction of their target. Here is Bethesda’s official announcement via their official blog:

“Get ready to blast through demons on-the-go in new ways thanks to a brand new game update for DOOM, arriving today on Nintendo Switch. With today’s update, we’ve added Motion Aiming to DOOM, a much-requested control option that allows you to utilize the built-in gyroscope for the Joy-Con for more precise aiming.” 

So in addition to being able to play the game just about anywhere, this new update will definitely bring a more interactive way to play Doom, and even better is the fact that it is now easier to play the game using motion aiming rather the somewhat clunky, hand-cramping original controls when playing the game in handheld mode. 

Furthermore, the update also made it easier for multiplayer fans to group together by adding a new party system to Doom multiplayer.

You can check out the full patch notes of this new update via Bethesda’s blog here. Lastly, besides the motion controls, Bethesda also ramped up the game’s home menu icon by changing it into something that resembles the look of the classic game. 

“We know how important the game icon is to Nintendo Switch fans, so we wanted to give ours an upgrade. With today’s update, you’ll now see a shiny new game icon to match the game’s boxart - as seen on the main menu of the Nintendo Switch below. We hope you like it as much as we do.”

What do you think of the lates update for Doom on the Switch? Are you ready to blast through enemies using motion aiming? 

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