DOTA 2 Shanghai Major Day 1 (Part 2) Recap

With EHOME being knocked to the loser’s bracket of Group A, MVP Phoenix has already been surprising the world as they took out the tournament favorite in a decisive manner. Then they decided to follow that up by beating Team Secret in a 2-0 series that knocked European powerhouse to the loser’s bracket as well.

With Game 1 underway MVP drafted Nature’s Prophet that played an aggressive gank oriented build and Secret ended up suffering to it to early kills.  8 Minutes into the game MVP was able to go into a series of aggressive engagements to give them a 1-9 lead.

Poor itemization from Team Secret resulted in little contribution for team fights with Secret finishing the short 18:34 game with three Iron Talons and a 24-4 kill difference.

Game 2 started off with an aggressive team fight on the bottom Rune as Secret was able to secure a double kill and first blood against MVP.  Taking advantage of Secret’s gold gain, Febby played a Bounty Hunter that immediately rotated to Dire’s mid lane and secured a courier kill to delay Secret the momentum. 

Awkward positioning from Secret resulted in MVP capitalizing on a devastating team fight in Dire’s Jungle that left all of Secret’s core heroes dead and Puppey barely escaping from the aggressive response of MVP.

Desperate to turn things around, Secret smoke ganked and was able to secure a 4 man kill against MVP, but with no map control Secret was not able to capitalize on the push and ultimately calls it quits in another short 24:02 game to MVP in the upper bracket.  

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