DOTA 2 Shanghai Major Day 1 Recap

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We are on our way to the day 2 of the Dota 2 Shanghai Majors with some huge upsets coming from the Day 1 matches. To start out we saw MVP Phoenix, considered by many the Korean underdogs pull an incredible upset over heavily favored EHOME. Many currently considered EHOME to be China’s current best team, and one of the top tier teams in the world. MVP Phoenix had some to say about that as they were able to clutch a 2-0 victory over EHOME. Game 1 started off poorly for EHOME as MVP securing a first blood on old.EleVeN’s Faceless Void.

At a slight deficit already, MVP’s Febby played a roaming Mirana that applied constant pressure to both EHOME’s Off and Midlanes. With the threat of Febby around the map, EHOME found trouble finding secure farm around the map as MVP Phoenix was able to take down three Tier 1 towers by the 12 minute mark.

MVP continuously pressured EHOME and engaged in a devasting team fight at 19:20 into the match. Realizing they were behind, EHOME attempted a smoke gank but had wandered into MVP next to Radiant’s Ancients which resulted in three deaths from EHOME.

Shaken by the loss of Game 1 EHOME was heavily pressured in Game 2 by MVP’s aggressive mobile line up.  Poor engagements from EHOME resulted in heavy losses as both EHOME.LaNm’s Tusk and EHOME.Old Chicken’s Batrider dual mid were never able to secure enough farm to deal with MVP.MP’s Invoker.  LaNm who is one of China’s oldest Dota players finished Game 2 with 0-5-1 alongside his teammate Old Chicken with 0-9-4

With one Chinese team knocked out, the attention was then focused on the matchup between Team Secret and last year’s International runner-ups CDEC Gaming.

Game 1 started with both team trading small fights back and forth until late First Blood by Team Secret 14 minutes into the match. Tension kept mounting as both teams roamed the map to slow down each other’s carries. Things took a turn for Team Secretat the 27 minute mark as CDEC engages Team Secret on an aggressive high ground push that resulted in a 5 man wipe.

With a large deficit already Team Secret decides to push for Roshan after reviving only to have CDEC reengage in the Rosh Pit that resulted in another team wipe for Team Secret.

Having nothing going their way, Secret lose Game 1 to hyper aggressive CDEC.

Game 2 would see Secret.Puppey play his trademark Enigma emphasizing on team items rather than the standard Blink Dagger Mek Build.  Doing everything they can from letting CDEC.Aggressif’s Weaver to secure any gank kills, Puppey secured 9 kills for his team and a 14 minute Guardian Greaves prevented CDEC from applying any type of damage to Secret’s line up.  A devastating team fight by the Rosh pit resulted in a team wipe from CDEC and an early GG is called 24 minutes in without a single Barracks being taken.

Secret drafted in an arguably stronger line up as they focused more on team-fighting to counter CDEC’s aggressive engagement style. Secret’s Tidehunter, Enigma, and Spectre allowed them to rotate ultimates in teamfights to make sure they had an advantage in fights. Puppey again focused heavily on team items as this was the second game in which no blink dagger was purchased as he stayed roaming his team.

Another devastating teamfight at the 23 minute mark resulted in Secret splitting CDEC apart and taking control and pushing into CDEC’s base.

With too many team fights lost, CDEC did not have enough damage from CDEC.Xz’s Faceless Void or CDEC.Aggressif to defend their Mid Barracks. Team Secret maintained constant vision on CDEC and prevented their roaming smoke ganks.  A brilliant ghost walk from W33 at 27:30 to break CDEC’s smoke allowed Team Secret to counter engage in yet another unfavorable team fight for CDEC.

Secret knocks CDEC into the loser’s bracket in a very decisive Game 3.

With two Chinese teams already knocked to the loser’s bracket from Day 1, the rest of China is looking to LGD Gaming, Vici Gaming and Newbee to clear through the Winner’s bracket in their Group Stages. Tonight we will see Alliance against Fnatic, and Team Spirit against Vici Gaming battle it out in the Group B stages,

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