DOUBLE DRAGON Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

Just this week, Developer Hamster released one of the most popular arcade games ever made by launching Double Dragon for the Nintendo Switch. This release takes the developer towards achieving their goal of releasing 800 classic arcade games. 

Double Dragon, which was initially released by Technos back in the late 80’s, is a classic scrolling fighting game where players take control of brothers Billy and Jimmy on a mission to rescue their friend Marion, and fight their way through the members of the Black Warrior gang, who holds their friend captive. 

Even though it has been more than 30 years since Double Dragon was released, it sure holds pretty well from what I’ve seen in the trailer. The resurgence of classic games in the past years definitely helped in bringing these iconic titles back in the playing field, which is mostly dominated by high-end, ultra-realistic graphics of today’s technology. I believe that the 16-bit graphics that is mostly prevalent in arcade games, adds a nostalgic factor, and a little bit of charm to today’s gaming audience, which is why we even see brand-new games that embodies these once-dated visuals. 

As someone who grew up in the early 90’s, I was more exposed to games from the PlayStation 1 era, rather than arcade games such as Double Dragon. Thankfully, the re-release of these games will definitely introduce players such as myself, to classic arcade titles, and at the same time, will bring nostalgic memories to those players who grew up with arcade games such as Double Dragon. 

The re-release version of the game will support local co-op, together with a cool soundtrack, and charming visuals, that will definitely bring those nostalgic moments, and gives us a glimpse of how far video games have evolved in the last three decades. Double Dragon is now available on the Nintendo Switch, and you can get this iconic title for only $8. 

Are you ready to re-live the glory days of the arcade era? Who’s excited for Double Dragon on the Switch? 

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