DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Gets A Free To Play Weekend On Xbox One

From now until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, January 27 Members of Xbox Live Gold can take part in Free Play Days of Dragon Ball FighterZ. During this time the full game of Dragon Ball FighterZ will be made available for players to enjoy and experience. Any saves made during the free trial days will also carry over if you decide to purchase the game at a later date.

One of the best parts of the Free Play Days program is that games featured are also on sale throughout the weekend. For Dragon Ball FighterZ all 3 versions of the game available on the Xbox Store are seeing a significant price cut. The Standard version of Dragon Ball FighterZ now sits at 60% off ($24.00), The FighterZ Edition and Ultimate Edition are also both 50% off ($47.50 and $55.00 Respectively).

Dragon Ball FighterZ soon celebrates its first year on market and the game has been received as a hit. We here at GameTyrant liked the game enough to even award it a spot on our top 5 games of 2018 list! If you have yet to experience the rush that is Dragon Ball FighterZ this weekend is a great time to find out why so many love the game.