DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Just Added Two Iconic Villains


Last month we not only brought you news of the new Android 21 that was added to Dragon Ball FightZ, but we also gave you our first impression of it through the Closed Beta we were privileged to play. Well, the news just got hotter.

Two more iconic villains are joining the fray from the early DBZ storyline. Enter Nappa and Captain Ginyu. These names aren't exactly new to the DBZ gaming universe, but until now they did not form part of the roster. As we've become accustomed to, Nappa will be able to summon Saibamen to fight for him, before blasting you with a beam from his mouth. Captain Ginyu can use his body change ability and summon the infamous, rather pathetic Ginyu Force. 

There is no news how many more characters are being added, and there will be any other new characters, but the excitement is building up. I'm rather interested to know how many times they can redo the DBZ storyline in games, but gamers don't really seem to care rehashing these tales in various forms. As usual, you are going to be able to advance through the stories by battling the relevant opponents.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launches in Japan on February 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with the North American launch being slated for early 2018 sometime thereafter.  Are you an ardent DBZ fan, ready to take these battles on? What characters are you waiting to fight with? Let us know?  In the meantime, here's a look at that Android teaser again.


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