DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Producer Says A Switch Version Is Possible

After rave reviews from everyone who played it at E3 2017, fans are asking why Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't on the Nintendo Switch. The answer, for the first time in a long time for Nintendo, is not due to hardware limitations, but rather fan interest. Producer Tomoko Hiroki says that if enough fans request the game be released on Switch, the team will certainly work on it. Of course, that means the Switch version will come out later than all the other versions, but I'm sure there are those who would wait to play the game on the go. Some fans have already sparked up a petition for the game to come to the console.

I'm not too surprised the Switch was snubbed, as many third party developers likely had games in development long before the launch and didn't expect the success of the Switch to be like it did. I guarantee that this time next year you'll see a lot more developers with games on deck for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Destructoid