DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Shows off It’s Most Interesting Character In A New Trailer


Dragon Ball Fighterz is just a little over two weeks away and Bandai Namco is dropping some fresh trails of bread crumbs towards the inevitable launch. The latest trailer features Hit, a fan favorite from Dragon Ball Super. Hit is the legendary assassin from Universe 6 that has the ability to “time-skip.” In the anime, Hit is able to defeat Vegeta without even breaking a sweat. He is a unique character that can essentially time travel 1-2 seconds. It may not seem like much but in a fast paced fight, 1-2 seconds means the difference between a hit or miss. Check out some of Hit’s gameplay down below.

Hit has to be one of my most highly anticipated characters in Dragon Ball Fighterz. Arc System Works love developing characters that change the way you have to fight. It’s seen in all of their previous fighting games and we’ll be able to get a glimpse of it with Hit in Fighterz. After watching the gameplay trailer, it seems like Hit’s time-skip will be implemented in most of his combos. It will be interesting to see how balanced they make the character against slow moving brutes like Nappa.


Dragon Ball Fighterz has the potential to be one of the greatest fighting games to release this year. With Bandai Namco pushing the game toward ELeague status and the huge hype among fans, there is a tremendous opportunity for the Dragon Ball franchise to gain traction in the competitive fighting world. Some fans are skeptical that the game will be balanced enough for competitive play, stating that the “summon Shenron” feature will ruin its chances if it can not be turned off. Although this may be true, we are sure Arc System Works will listen to the fans and update the game regularly, balancing and tweaking it until full perfection. Dragon Ball Fighterz releases January 26 for PS4, XB1 and PC. The free open beta starts this weekend so be ready to summon Shenron yourself!  

Will you be participating in the open beta this weekend? Which characters are you looking forward to the most? We want to know! Tell us down below for a free cookie*.

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