DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Will Release In January


Dragon Ball FighterZ will be out on all platforms January 26th, 2018. Bandai Namco made the announcement that the game would release simultaneously on all platforms, and also released some more information regarding the game's Story Mode:

Composed of three different parts, the story mode will allow players to experience three different perspectives each offering different details and secrets about the story.

Players will first play the Super Warriors Arc from the perspective of the Saiyans, followed by the Super Villain Arc from the perspective of the enemies and finally the Android Arc from the perspective of the Androids.

By taking part in different fighting combinations included in these three chapters, players will be able to level up their characters and get a full understanding of the amazing Dragon Ball FighterZ scenario!

The story mode map will also surprise players by allowing tactical moves as you will have different options for their next destination. This strategical choice will have an impact on fighting abilities in future fights!

The game also announced both Nappa and Captain Ginyu would be included in the game's roster. While this is great news for people who want to play the game, one has to wonder how many more fighters will be revealed prior to release. We have guys like Nappa in game, but then no mention of Raditz? Will the rest of the Ginyu Force be along for the ride? Are we going to see grown-up Gohan?

These are the questions I'm wanting to know before I drop the money on this game, although I still may purchase it anyway. What are your thoughts on the roster of this game so far?

Source: Eurogamer