DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Brings New Modes And Costumes For The Holidays

With Bandai Namco bringing out holiday gear for Halloween in DragonBall FighterZ, it was no doubt that they were going to match the energy and costumes for the biggest holiday of the year. What we didn’t expect was how big of an update we would be getting!

Bringing us much more than just some clothing and costumes this time, the November Free Update trailer really shows off the new stuff. Check out the new trophies, trophy rooms, tournament mode, and holiday gear that they have released:

I know that was a lot to take in from a one minute video, so lets break it down a bit.

First off, lets cover what majority of the interest of this update holds: the FighterZ Tournament mode. Players will be able to participate in daily tournaments, each having their own unique rules. There are over 70 different tournament rules available, including Sharpened Senses (which turn off both health and ki gauges), Yamcha Only, Goku Black Only, King of the Kamehameha (which limits players to using only Kamehameha moves), and more. To participate, players will be able to view and select scheduled tournaments from the selection menu.

Next up is the Trophies and Trophy Rooms. The tournaments you participate in will earn you a collection of Z Trophies. These trophies can be stored in your own personal Z Trophy Room. The given room is inside of the Kame House, but there are additional trophy rooms that can be purchased with Zeni you have earned.

Lastly, the obvious and expected part of the updated, the holiday themed Z Capsules. Filled with goodies from stamps, to lobby avatars, to outfit colors; this is the next set of collectibles that your Zeni can buy!

It is amazing to see so much more being brought into DragonBall FighterZ even with how long it has been out and with Jump Force currently on the way! I am looking forward to decking out with all the new holiday gear and checking out the tournament mode. What part of the update are you most interested in?