DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Open Beta Impression: Exciting Game That Needs Stability

If you didn't know about the Dragonball FighterZ Open Beta, then good news is that it should still be live for today. There is even talk from Bandai Namco about extending the beta due to complications within the servers. The reports range from the game running perfectly fine to players not being able to even so much as load into the lobby area. Lucky for me, I only experienced a few network errors while playing the beta on the PS4. Now, lets break down my thoughts on the game as it currently is and only slightly compare it to the impression from E3; not to mention the early beta's impression.


It is just as you see in the trailers and footage shown off in all the character announcement videos! High intensity action that is fast pace and full of Ki blasts, Kamehameha's, Destructo Discs, and other crazy blasts. While the combinations on screen look complicated, they did make the game itself rather simple to play.

Combinations are as simple as smashing square, triangle, or circle. As long as the hits land, it will go on through a two section combo that starts on the ground and ends with you smashing your opponent into the pavement below from the air.

There are the more complicated moves that can give a huge advantage, for both offensive and defensive uses, like high speed movement that places you behind your opponent or deflecting attacks when you defend just right.

Instead of just having a menu screen to go into the games, they created this whole lobby area. In this area, you get to pick a character to represent you as you move around the small area. There are multiple branched off sections that lead to areas that are mostly blocked off and their use left unknown. The only available sections of use in the lobby is the Practice section and the Combat section in the back. To use either area, you just simply talk to the NPC receptionist in the zone to pull up the selection menu.

Graphics and Sounds

 The game is almost indistinguishable from the anime in both aspects here. The moves and characters all look like they were drawn for a new episode and were instead placed in the game for players to use. Ki blasts, Kamehameha waves and shouts, multiple character outfits, even the background scenery - it all has the exact look from the anime and are partnered with the appropriate sound from the show.

The music that is played in the menu and while you are in the lobby (all the way up until you are loading into a fight) is a high speed rock/techno style beat that is more than fitting for the game genre, anime featured, and type of action to expect in the game.

What Issues Are There?

As mentioned briefly above, and expansively from the first impression article, the servers are very problematic. Many players weren't able to find a game the entire time, others couldn't even get into the lobby itself to try and find a game. Sure, I was able to connect to a few games when I played, but sometimes while loading in the connection would be lost and even MID-FIGHT it would reach a connection error and send me back to the lobby.

It seems that server issues is a consistency when it comes to Dragonball FighterZ and it raises quite a few concerns. Are the servers still going to be this problematic when the game officially launches? What will Bandai Namco do to adjust and appease their consumer base if it does? For now, they are discussing the idea of extending the open beta for players to enjoy the game more once they get the servers steady.


The game was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time I got to put into it. I look forward to getting my hands on a copy of Dragonball FighterZ and perfecting my skill along with putting together the perfect team combination for me. I am worried that the servers will be problematic, but hopeful that the single player campaign will hold multiple saga's from the anime series. Great game that just needs some server stability.