DRONE STRIKE FORCE Launches This Week On Steam!


Odisi Games and NGD Studios newest competitive shooter Drone Strike Force is finally launching on Steam this Friday August 12! The game takes place in the mid-21st century, where global warming has ravaged the earth. Different corporations and militarized citizens now battle each other to claim the ravaged cities. Battles are conducted using state-of-the-art UAV’s. The drones are controlled by a neural interface allowing for real-time control. Battles take place in all 6 axis of movement allowing for a unique shooting experience. After each battle players will earn experience to unlock weapons, parts or new drones. Check out the trailer below!

The combat showcased in the trailer looks awesome and visually appealing. I am a huge fan of games that involve flight so Drone Strike Force looks to be right up my alley! The price also looks great at only $19.99. If the game looks interesting to you be sure to check out the Drone Strike Force page over on Steam where you can grab a demo for the game. Keep it tuned here to GameTyrant for our full review on Drone Strike Force coming soon!

What do you all think about a drone based shooter?