Dropmix Challenged Us To A Duel And You Won


Good music and card games have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks to DropMix we now have a game that puts the two together, literally. If you have ever thought you could make awesome mixes, but you didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing it, then look no further than DropMix.

What is DropMix?

DropMix is a music mixing card game that uses the latest in NFC technology to make cards meaningful in today’s game play market. Ok, well forgot about those Pokemon cards you’ve been holding onto since childhood. That was game you could enjoy as a kid; this is a game you can enjoy as an adult. All you need in order to play is the DropMix board priced at $100 USD, the free DropMix App, and the DropMix playing cards(discover packs are $4.99 while player packs are $14.99). Now this might sound expensive at the start, and let’s face it with $100 you can buy a couple good videogames. The board does come with a pack of 60 cards and 3 modes to play.

The first mode is Freestyle in which you get to make mixes of your favorite songs. If you find a combination you really like you can save it to your smart device and listen to it in your everyday life. Just keep mixing and matching till you get the combination you want. If playing games by yourself just isn’t your style get together with a group of friends and get ready for clash!

Clash in my opinion is the best part about Dropmix. In Clash you and a buddy draw 7 cards and attempt to score 21 before the other does. The entire time you’re creating fresh new tunes and if one of these new beats catches your ears just right you can save that too. With wild cards and penalties the game can go anyway all the way up to the very end. So grab your friends and battle it out to find out who is the sickest DJ mixer of you all. However if you and your friends want to play all at once, party mode may be more your style.

In Party mode the objective is simple, just keep going! So grab all your friends (for those of us with more than one) up to five can play at once, and try to reach a new high score by following commands in a very musical and entertaining Simon Says! style. As always if you decide you like what you’re hearing hit that save button. No matter how you look at it, freestyle to keep the music going, clash to be the winner, or party mode this game is great to play.



Cards, they’re flimsy and very easy to destroy right? Even though the cards in dropmix are flimsy because of the tech inside of the cards it still plays the music.No matter if they are completely balled up, just flatten the card and stick it on the board. As long as the cards remain somewhat whole the game will still play. But what if your dog, cat or child spills water on the card? At CES, Dropmix had the pleasure of playing for the crowds that walked by, which means they got stuck in the rain we had on the first and second day. Despite the rain DropMix was still going strong.


Dropmix is a game not only an easy to understand and play game, but one I’m personally ready to own and play. If you can’t believe me on how amazing a product this game is you can ask DJ AfroJack who got to use it at South by Southwest. He was very impressed with the capabilities of DropMix. Guys he’s a professional DJ. Still not convinced? Catch it at the upcoming PAX. Guys you’d be crazy to not at least try this amazing product out. However, once you give it a test run you will probably be checking your bank account like me.

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