DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Fans Wont Want To Miss This Cutting-Edge Electronic Tabletop Game!

Image Credit: TaleSpire

Image Credit: TaleSpire

TaleSpire is an electronic table-top platform that allows dungeon masters to create entire campaigns and then invite party members to work through these campaigns through Steam. The alpha client has the most pristine graphics that one might ever imagine for creating a tabletop experience and making it electronic.

It has intuitive level-building that uses a place and drop system that should be familiar to scenario building fans everywhere; It looks as easy as making a Minecraft world. The impressive graphics don’t clash much with the gridded floor, and the figure bases keep the game faithful to what we might expect for a tabletop-themed game.


Players can watch dice roll next to the figures themselves, and I might add that these are the fanciest dice I have ever seen in a video game. TaleSpire has the potential to reinvent the way groups game, localizing geographically separate individuals for classic P&P adventures galore.

Check out the level builder, graphics, and in-game goodies here, and check out the Kickstarter campaign if you would be interested in backing this awesome project!

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