DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Superfan Gets The Coolest Tabletop Table For RPG's Ever

Having attended Gen Con for a couple years now, I'm no stranger to custom gaming tables. Nothing I've seen there has topped this build though! The team at "Super Fan Builds" has hooked up a very lucky Dungeons & Dragons fan with an absolutely incredible table for his game nights! 

The legs feature King Hekaton (major character in Storm King Thunder's Adventure) wrestling a dragon, and the tabletop itself is a 50 inch monitor protected by glass. The Dungeon Master chair features outlets for charging his laptop and USB ports so that he can project his maps onto the board for players to move statues and characters! 

If that were me I would be stressed the hell out about having a game night knowing how messy that crowd can be! Luckily, each seat comes with a fold out tray for character sheets, snacks, and drinks. The final product is amazing but it's even cooler to see how it was built! Check out the video below and weep at the majesty of it all.