DYING LIGHT: GUN SILENCER is Free and Adds Stealth Gameplay

If you aren't part of the 500,000 weekly players, then they are making it hard for you to stay away from Dying Light with all this cool free gear. I can honestly say that I had turned my focus on some other games over this current year and still need to finish the original DLC, 'The Following'. However, every announcement from Techland just makes me want to get back into it soon.

As promised back at E3 2017, Techland has been providing completely free content for the fans of Dying Light to enjoy. On track of sending out ten brand new DLC's for players to play with, they are ready to add a whole new element to the gameplay available: stealth. The new pistol silencer, which was added from community demand, players will create a stealthier way to be a lethal zombie hunter. Check out the announcement trailer:

While we did have an interview with the Techland team in regards to the DLC Content Drops they had planned, it is great to see how regularly they are dropping the content. They really are going to be giving ten drops, or eleven if you include "Content Drop #0" given on day one! All of this without even a mention of their PUBG/Battle Royale influenced mode that they recently announced called Bad Blood.

I'm not sure what I am waiting for, but this game is going to get some serious game time out of me once I start it up. No joke, I have been missing playing the game as it was, and by the time I get back, there will be so much stuff that I haven't completed or set up.

How long have you been away from Dying Light? Is there any specific update that you are hoping to see before making your return to the parkour-zombie killing title?