DYING LIGHT's Year Of Free DLC Begins With Bonuses And Discounts

As they promised back with an E3 announcement, the beginning of a year of free DLC for Dying Light from Techland is beginning DLC that is officially launched! Remember, this first DLC is considered Content Drop #0 meaning that it doesn't even count toward the other ten still to come!

This content brings you a new enemy faction that consists of highly trained professional soldiers, a new powerful zombie called a Mutant Goon, and an unlockable skin through a new bounty! I can't wait to see how tough this Mutant Goon really is because I enjoy a good challenge.

Also, for Steam users, you can get this exclusive Hurran Military Rifle for free here!

But, on top of the free DLC drop, all other DLC items are 60% off, including both The Following and Bozak Horde! This is one hell of a deal, and this is from somebody who already bought all of the packages for Dying Light. Excellent add on's and it looks like we have much more to come!

Which of the new enemies are you looking forward to facing most? Or are you just excited for that new costume?