DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Announced: Will Be Open World

The next Dynasty Warriors game will be open world, according to its creators. Siliconera reports producer Akihiro Suzuki says the series will enter a "rebirth" on its 20th anniversary, and confirmed the news to the public. For Japan, it will be Dynasty Warriors 8, but we're one ahead of them so we'll call it Dynasty Warriors 9

I'm interested in the game, but it's hard to get too enthused for a franchise that has stayed relevant reskinning it's core game and keeping the gameplay the same since the PS2 era. I hope this "rebirth" means more than open world. 

Not too many details are known at this point, but it is confirmed that the game will feature 83 playable characters and will be set in China. Check out a teaser for the game and some concept art below!