E3 2017: DAYS GONE Demo Alternative Playthrough

The Sony Conference showed off more gameplay footage of Days Gone, allowing us to see how some of the games missions can be taken on. The demo started in the beginning of a rescue mission, showcasing some of the games random events, combat, and exploration. If you haven’t seen the original demo you can check it out down below:

If you thought the demo was a bit underwhelming with a lack of combat and a tad on the short side, then this next video is for you. This is an extended playthrough of the same mission but showcases the games dynamic weather system and shows you a completely different approach to completing the mission. I was lucky enough to watch this exact demo being played live at E3 and can reassure you its just as intense as the video shows. It was running off of a PS4 Pro and ran fairly well. Animations looked solid but textures did seem a tad blurry when shown up close, as seen in the video below. That being said, it is a much better demo that gives us a better look at the combat and gunplay of the game.

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