E3 2017 First Impressions: ARCHANGEL

The growth of VR continues to expand with new mechanics and games, which can now add a new title coming from Skydance called Archangel. This title is planned to launch exclusively on PSVR in July with a promise to bring it to PC not long after.

This single player story puts you in the seat of a giant mech with the constant various tasks coming your way to help clear your enemies and keep the refugees safe from the harm caused from war! It is an arcade style game that is "on rails," meaning that all you are tasked with is shooting and surviving, which is hard on its own!

You get a shield on each arm that depletes, so you are best off switching back and forth during battle, using whichever hand isn't on defense to fire at the tanks, airships, ground troops, or other various enemies that are constantly coming at you! In no way would I say this game is easy. Each arm stocks two weapon choices for you to switch between and can be customized as you unlock more weapons to place in your mech.

This game has been in development for over a year and is expected to provide a three hour game experience. I did get a chance to talk to Chris Hewish, one of the developers, and asked him what part of making Archangel has been his favorite. He replied, "Getting the sense of scale and making you feel like you are an actual giant mech."

Check out the Trailer: