E3 2017 First Impressions: BESTLUCK

Puzzle games come in all forms of style in art, gameplay, and style. They could be story driven, have enemies, time trials, and countless other possibilities that add to the game to give each one their own unique experience.

BestLuck is a game that puts you in a dream world, facing multi-dimensional puzzles, and following an unknown girl that is always pointing to where you will need to go next in order to continue forward and find out what it is she is leading you to! I got the chance to play it during an E3 social event called "The Mix" and I wanted to just keep playing when the demo ended!

During my short demo of the game, I faced a few puzzles that each were unique in their own way. While the setting is in a foggy forest each puzzle contained a set of doors that, when opened, showed another dimension on the same plain. The first puzzle had me pushing some mysterious items through the door from the other side. The next being a follow the leader style where there were footprints to show me what door to open next, but i could only see them through the open doors. The final puzzle was a speed one that had a specific pattern shown briefly using the moon as my hint.

I really enjoyed just how unique this puzzle game was and am interested in, not only the variety of challenges the game will make me solve, but also the story behind it. Who is that girl? And where is she leading me to?

If you are a fan of puzzle games, this is easily one that I would suggest you keep your eye on! You can do that on both Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Markiplier playing the Demo: