First Impressions: CTRLSHIFT

Constantly taking turns with your friends to play on the one VR headset you own? Well now there is a game you can play with two players that only requires one headset!

CtrlShift by The Hive is an upcoming title that brings two player communication to a new level! As the player with the VR headset plays as a spy that needs to make their way through the map, it will take the effort of a friend to hack open doors, hack into cameras, and guide the spy to the end goal!

Getting a chance to play this with Chase, also from Gametyrant, at the E3 social event called "The Mix," gave me the opportunity to feel like a hacker while he moved through the level!

The goal for the demo was to get to the elevator, which was harder than it sounds. Putting together timing to get by the guards, taking over cameras to check the surroundings, a mini map to guide him where to go, and a lot of teamwork we were able to complete the mission.

Being the hacker meant I had to see where he needed to go and open the correct doors, which weren't always numbered on the map. Being the spy meant he had to make his way, unseen by the guards, and tell me the missing information I needed and lower the access level so I had a chance to help him as well.

It was a cool cooperative game that shows a lot of promise and I enjoyed the fact that even though we both were doing different play styles, it took effort on both sides in order to succeed. One can not do this game alone.

Check out the Trailer:

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