E3 2017 First Impressions: SONIC FORCES Is On Track To Be The Best SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Game We've Seen In A Long Time

I expected many things when I went into the demo for Sonic Forces, but I was not at all prepared to be wanting more after a short time with the game at E3 2017. In 30 minutes time I was looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching so I could jump back in for another go, and unfortunately the answer was yes. There aren't many games I would do that for at E3 this year. 

First, let's talk about the 3D element. Those who have commented that trailers for the game resemble the classic Dreamcast Sonic Adventure are right on the money. The game zips around gorgeously and as impressive as it did in that game, but with an added boost element to save your ass when you miss a jump, or if you just gotta go faster. The aiming mechanic allows for less of those slow down moments that past games have suffered from and hitting enemies does not at all mean the action comes to a stand still. 

The part I was most worried about going into this demo is how the game would transition between 3D and 2D changes mid level, and while it took a slight bit of getting used to, it was amazing when I was able to pull it off. They usually give you about a second or two of cinematic switch before dropping it on you so there's some time to prepare, but for me personally I had to readjust my mindset in order to get through the sections, which are just as fun as your average 2D Sonic Adventure. 

Speaking of which, the 2D Sonic elements with the classic Sonic are amazing. I played a section of the game with him that featured a 2D based boss battle with Dr. Robotnik and it was some of the most fun I've had battling a boss in Sonic in years. It was also fairly challenging and I died a couple times trying to take him out! Check out both demos and continue on below:

As for my final thoughts, Sonic Forces looks to be a mashup of everything people loved about the past Sonic games, and more. I did not expect to love Sonic Forces more than what I played of Sonic Mania, but I did, and I thought Sonic Mania was pretty good as well. My only real complaint I had is that the voice actors were in my ear the entirety of the first level and I felt like I couldn't take a break from the words to focus on what I was doing. Granted, they weren't constantly giving hints and everything said was all relevant to the story, but I would've liked more bits where I was just running and soaking in what was happening around me rather than listening to characters argue about Shadow (who is in the game). Overall, I think this is going to be a Sonic title the world will want to pick up.