First Impressions: YOKU'S ISLAND EXPRESS

All the years of playing pinball and platformers, like Mario, are going to be tested now that they are finally finding their way to merge into one unique genre of it's own!

Yoku's Island Express by Villa Gorilla is bringing new gameplay to Steam, PS4, XB1, and Switch with it's pinball platformer style challenges! Playing as a beetle that is attached to a ball, you must make your way through the levels and pass multiple challenges.

Facing walls that break after you collect a certain amount of the glowing items that appear in a different spot on the small pinball mini-game like areas to collecting a key item needed to feed the giant plant blocking your path, this game shows some fun difficulties to get through!

I tested the demo for the game at the E3 social event called "The Mix," where I was able to complete what looked to be the first section of a giant level. Finding your way through the jumbled map shows the platformer elements, but it was a very pinball heavy gameplay style. So I guess you could say it's the first pinball story game!

Check out the Trailer:

You can follow the development on Facebook.