E3 2017 IndieCade: My Overall Experience And Opinions

While I didn't get to try every game at the IndieCade section of E3, I was able to play through quite a few games on there. Some games seemed really interesting while others, not so much. I can easily say that my top choices were Stifled, The Metronomicon, Raw Data, and Sprint Vector!

There were quite a few others that I enjoyed as well. To give a quick breakdown on each one I liked:

  1. Stifled - a blind horror game on VR that requires you to use echolocation to move around. It uses black and white graphics to show your surroundings, with the third color being red to indicate the sounds from the enemy.
  2. The Metronomican - a rhythm based RPG that can be played with multiple gamepad and instruments. Currently out on PC, but will be moving to PS4 and XB1 soon! You use  accuracy to hit the arrow pattern on the screen as they reach the bottom bar, much like other music games. Each successful streak lets the character you have highlighted complete an attack, or heal, and will require strategy and skill to take down foes.
  3. Raw Data - a VR survival shooter that places you in a lab with vicious robots coming to kill you! You must shoot them down before they take you down!
  4. Sprint Vector - a VR foot race game that is multi-deminsional. Using arm swings to move, jump, and climb, you race against an opponent on a track in a futuristic game show setting!
  5. The Big Journey - an open-world RPG that is still pretty early in development, but shows some good promise. You play as a character that needs to make his way back home to warn the village of impending doom.
  6. Sisters - a mobile VR horror-puzzle game that will take you through a mansion, which you initially intended to burglarize, and discover the truth that lies within its walls.
  7. Detention - a 2D horror game that is currently available on Steam. You play as a girl that is in her school, which takes a dramatic turn of events and needs to know what happened! A very story driven game with some interesting gameplay right off the beginning of the game!

Then there were the games that I felt rather indifferent about. I didn't dislike them, but I also didn't see myself playing these games in my spare time. Games like Everything is Going to be OK!, O is for Oppression, and Snow VR all had an interesting take on what they were trying to do, but the games were all just really odd. I honestly don't even know how to explain them.

There were a couple I didn't care for at all and honestly didn't understand why they bothered coming to the show. I am not talking about games that just simply weren't up my alley, but rather the ones that were just straight propaganda. The problems with racism and immigration are troubling and problematic for many people, but games like North (which is about German immigration) and Cat in a Hijab (obviously about Muslim immigration) really didn't have a reason to be showcasing themselves. North at least had some actual gameplay, but Cat in a Hijab didn't even have real gameplay other than talking to a few racists and getting yelled at.

Overall though, the showfloor was great and most everyone had a professional set up. Very friendly group of people that are all full of passion which shows in their games! I look forward to talking to a few of them again before heading out and am interesting who will show up next year!