E3 2017: TECHLAND Announces PURE FARMING 2018

After doing some research behind the question, "Why do farmers love to do what they do?," Techland has created Pure Farming 2018 with all the aspects that anybody with a true passion for the green thumb could ask for! Planning to release during Q1 of 2018 on XB1, PC, and PS4, they have taken the simulation of farming to a global scale.

Adding realistic farmer machines, matching the detail of the giant machines down to shape, size, function, and even weight, this is going to be the best way to experience the world of farming; literally, the entire world of it!

They are going to have the widest range of activities, such as: growing grains, cultivate vegetables, keep and maintain livestock, and invest in green energy. Along with this, you will be able to farm in the United States, Italy, Japan, or Columbia to maintain the crops accordingly. Manage coffee bean farms in Columbia, rice fields in Japan, and so forth!

They are also going to introduce three game modes:

  1. Free Farming - A full sandbox mode that can even be set with your choice of a starting budget, which would affect the games difficulty.
  2. Farming Challenges - A collection of missions that have a variety of tasks, each of which will only take an hour to complete. Perfect for players with a limited game time.
  3. My First Farm - Fully featured gameplay accessible to learn how to play and still earn experience.

Check out the Trailer: