E3 2017: TECHLAND Tells Of Upcoming DLC For DYING LIGHT With More To Come

The continuingly promising zombie-parkour title Dying Light from Techland that still has a strong community of players (over 500,000 users logging on in the last week of May 2017) is going to be getting a bunch of new FREE DLC during this upcoming year! 

With a promise to bring out ten new DLC's for the game, they are launching something new that they aren't even including in the list of ten upcoming content! Calling it "Content Drop #0" during their meeting at E3, they showed a very short, exclusive trailer that showed some new human enemies from a new faction. It also showed a hint that their entire goal is specifically to Kill Crane!

The coolest aspect of the DLC announcement is that they stated their plans for what will be released next will be entirely based on the community feedback! So make sure to hit them up with your opinions because they are listening with intent to put that into action!

Here's the Teaser Trailer for the DLC: