E3 2018 Tickets Are Now Available For All Approaching Challengers


After their first year to ever allow the regular public to buy tickets into the Expo, E3 is once again opening their doors to the public for the 2018 convention. With tickets now available for E3 2018, they have announced a few changes made to accommodate the bigger audience.

The first of which is that they are going to have extended show hours to accommodate all attendees. With 2017 being such a huge game-powered show, this is definitely one of the finer focuses to improve on. They also will be providing industry and media exclusive time on the show floor without cutting short gamers’ opportunities to play the most anticipated games of the year. The last improvement is that they will give gamers three full days of panels and behind-the-scenes access to the show’s biggest announcements. Hopefully these few changes will keep the crowd from being as disappointed as last year.


It is a bit surprising to see that they are going to open it up to the public again after so much negative feedback from E3 2017, but on this aspect the president and CEO of ESA, Michael D. Gallagher, stated:

“Gamers raise the energy of E3 to a fever pitch, reinforcing its place as the world’s preeminent event for video games. We are excited to fuel that passion and enhance the gamer experience at E3 by extending show hours and adding a third day to the wildly popular E3 Coliseum.”

I am personally looking forward to E3 2018 and seeing all the new gear and games that are going to be announced. If you do have the means to get yourself to the LA Convention center from June 12-14, then I highly suggest you get yourself a set of tickets. What are your expectations of E3 this year? Are you at all enticed to buy yourself a ticket before they run out?