E3 Hands On: VINDICTA Is A Great Full Motion FPS VR Game That You Need To Try

Game Cooks is bringing us Vindicta to Steam Early Access on June 20. It is a VR title that will originally be exclusive to the Vive but will later offer Oculus support. The main feature that makes this VR FPS title stand out from the rest is the locomotion control feature. Instead of having you teleport from one spot to another as your main source of movement, the game forces you to move by using your hand gestures to run, offering a full range of motion.

While holding the Vive controllers, you can move them up and down in a walking manner in order to move your character. In order to turn corners you have to look in that direction you want to turn and continue to move your hands up and down. When you’re aiming, the responsiveness is great and guns feel appropriately accurate. One of the big premises of the game is being able to duck and dodge gunfire while shooting the enemy. It reminded me a bit like the matrix, dodging bullets left and right with ease. As the level progressed, the difficulty increased, bringing in multiple enemies at a time and forcing you to be aware of your surroundings. One cool feature that I enjoyed was the option to holster your weapon by your hip and grab multiple weapons to carry with you. The addition of dual wielding is a plus as well.

One bit of news that Game Cooks presented to us is that there is talks to bringing a multiplayer component to Vindicta in the near future. According to one of the developers it should be out of Early Access in just a few months. Check out the trailer below and take a look at their steam page here.

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