E3 Trailer For GEARS 5 Shows The Crew Split Up

One of the most popular Xbox exclusive series out today is Gears of War. Practically matching the fan base for Halo, this is one series that doesn't plan to end until they are ready to reach a finale fitting to the series.

Announcing the next chapter of the series as simply Gears 5, Epic Games have presented a trailer that is full of drama with a touch of action. Hopefully the game will feature more action that what is presented in the E3 trailer, but it does seem the story is going to focus on only two characters from the crew instead of the whole team. You can see for yourself:

The next chapter in the Gears story certainly seems to be full of drama. Already featuring insubordination, separation, and possible betrayal, it's going to get intense. Let's just hope that the action of the game will take up most of the time and the drama will be saved for the occasional cutscene.

How did you feel about the Gears 5 announcement?