E3 Trailer For PREY: MOONCRASH DLC Shows An Exciting Challenge For Skilled Players


One of the hardest things to do with combat games is balancing. While making sure the game isn't too easy, developers have to be careful not to make it too hard either. This hasn't been a hard challenge for some to keep up with and Bethesda is one of the companies that doesn't shy away from presenting challenges to their players. Featured during their E3 conference and announcing that it is available now was the trailer for their latest DLC for Prey called Mooncrash.

It is really interesting to see that they are going to present a challenge with this DLC that is constantly changing. While you think you have figured out some things, it is probable that they won't be the same on the next time around. Check out the trailer:

The scene where they focused on the same section of the map and showed the variety of challenges that could appear in that particular section shows just how difficult this DLC could be. Even when a player reaches the end and completes it, their next trip through will be a bit different and continue to present a challenge. This is the definition of replayability that gamers like to have in their favorite titles.

Are you up for the challenges that await you as you try to escape in Prey: Mooncrash?