EA Boss Says MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Got Some Unfair Criticism


EA Boss Patrick Soderlund thinks that Mass Effect: Andromeda got run through the mud, and not all the criticism's against the game were necessarily fair. Soderlund talked to Game Reactor and gave the following quote in regards to the heavily panned game below: 

"I usually don't do this, but this is one of those places where I feel like the game got criticised a little bit more than it deserved, I think the game is actually a great game. Yes, we have to acknowledge the fact that there were some things that maybe we could have done better, absolutely, but as a whole, if you go in and you buy the game today with everything that's in it today, I believe that that's a game worth buying, personally."

Ok, sure, but even Patrick Soderlund has to understand that gamers don't purchase a game for it to be at its optimum playability five months later. Let's not forget that this game had its release delayed several times leading up to its actual launch date, so it's 100% on EA for not resolving those problems before launch. 

What do you think of what Soderlund said? Do you agree with him and that reviews were a little too critical, or do you think he's trying to create a  revisionist narrative of this game's state after launch?

Source: Game Reactor