EA Games Reveals File Sizes for STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT

Unless you picked up one of those fancy new collectors edition Xbox Ones and PS4s with 1TB hard-drives, you're probably getting to the point where space management is a real problem with all the games you own. In a world of quickly growing popularity of digital copies, keeping a full game on your system can be very costly when it comes to memory. (Unless you're one of the PC elite, of course.) Well, to get you ready for next week's launch EA Games and DICE have released the file sizes of Star Wars Battlefront for each respective system. So make sure you have enough space set aside.

  • PS4 — 23 GB
  • Xbox One — 19 GB
  • Origin (PC) — 27 GB

Star Wars Battlefront releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th!

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