EA Says Over 6 Million People Played STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT In The Past 3 Months

Opinion of the gaming community be damned, EA says Star Wars Battlefront is still a thriving community. Eurogamer says the company reported that over 6.6 million people played the game on console and PC in the past 3 months according to their latest financial reports.

It's worth noting that 2 of those 90 days were part of a free period for the game, but that's still a staggering number considering the amount of criticism the game has received since it's launch. It does make more sense now that EA would reject the offer to purchase the rights to a fan made game that was more like the classic series though.

According to SWBStats, around 48k people were playing at peak hours in the last 24hrs with a bulk of those players on PS4 accounting for a little over half of that number.

So what's the takeaway here? If you're someone who was hoping the Battlefront relaunch would be a colossal failure and EA would change the formula...I have some bad news. Battlefront 2 is already on the way and it looks like they'll be sticking with their successful model while us fans of the classic gameplay will continue to hope they change things up.