Easter Egg in UNCHARTED 4 May be Indirectly Teasing THE LAST OF US Sequel

Neil Druckmann, creative director of The Last of Us, stated in a Reddit AMA that production on the next installment of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece would not begin until Uncharted 4 was finished, but as of yet, there has been no official confirmation of a title for the game or a release date.

With the release of Nathan Drake’s latest and final adventure, Naughty Dog may have finally tossed its fans a bone for what some are interpreting to be a hint of what the sequel of The Last of Us will be. Aside from the “Strange Pendant” item that can be obtained in Chapter 9, which turns out to be a Firefly Pendant, there’s another more intricate reference to the game that can be found in the Epilogue. This Easter egg takes the form of a poster where the title is covered by some Polaroids, but can be inferred to read, ‘The Last of Us: American Daughters’.

While this could be a preview of what the next title in the series will be, I actually think it may be teasing something else, that will still be tied to the upcoming game. If you take a look at the bottom right corner of the poster you’ll notice the logo for Dark Horse Comics with whom Naughty Dog has previously partnered to release a short series titled, ‘The Last of Us: American Dreams’. This four issue mini-series was released in April of 2013 before the June release of the game and it centered around Ellie as the main character in a story preceding the events of the game.

With that in mind, the same may be happening for the long-awaited sequel and this poster may be teasing an upcoming mini-series of comics that will directly tie-in with the game once it comes out. Furthermore, a release date for this comic may also provide us with a reliable estimate of a release date window for the game. Thoughts?