Editorial: Nintendo Needs to Make A Physical Virtual Console

The SNES Classic is almost out and it's already sold out (except for the few going to Toys R Us). The NES Classic sold like crazy and Nintendo couldn’t keep up with demand. I imagine the N64 Classic (we all know it’s coming) will again be crazy popular as well. But what about after that? Fans will still want to play these classic games without spending $300 for a Switch, just to play some games they could emulate for free. I have an idea that I think could work.

Create a console that is 100% Virtual Console. It can’t play anything unless it’s part of the Virtual Console Library (unless they wanted to get real crazy and include slots for physical copies, too). Nintendo could include 2 controllers similar to the Wii Pro Controller and of course have 4 slots for N64 games. Some games would need to be included, so maybe pick 3-5 from each system available via Virtual Console for the built-in library. Of course, for this crazy plan to work Nintendo would need this physical Virtual Console to have internet capabilities. I am shocked that they didn’t think to put internet capabilities in the NES Classic or SNES Classic since that would be a great way for users to buy more of their favorite games of the era.

Nintendo could sell this for considerably less than the Switch and then sell NES, SNES, etc. style controllers for people that want that more nostalgic feel. This way people who wanted an NES or SNES Classic can still get a partial victory and Nintendo gets more money. Would you be interested in a console that is just for Virtual Console games?