Editorial: Swatting Needs To End

The trend that somehow became popular amongst gamers that don't know how to just let things go is getting out of hand. If you ask me, it was out of hand the first time a gamer swatted another gamer.

If you aren't sure what "Swatting" is, then know that it is when a cry baby gamer who was offended by the trash talk or lost against another gamer places a fake threat call to the police in the nearby city of their victim. It usually requires a little hacking to find the information needed to achieve this "prank," but it is obviously possible.

There is an official report, on PVP Live, of someone from Britain who swatted a player who will be facing 20 years in prison due to the fact that the victim was shot during the swat raid and ended up in the hospital. I, for one, hope he does get convicted for at least half of the possible sentence.

People are doing this so-called prank like they are making a meme about the other person, but you are not. You are endangering the life of another human being! Over childish whiny bulls***!!

I think this is a horrid action and it should of been a prison sentence to those who place the fake threat in the first place! Especially with the rise in violence involving police, sending a entire team of them to invade somebodies home is by far the stupidest thing you can do!

Grow the f*** up, stop crying to the police like a 5-year-old, and handle yourself like a god damn adult! Un-Ac-Ceptable. If you think I am being mean, YOU CAN GET THE OTHER GUY KILLED!