Editorial: We Need More Late 90's Remasters

While many games that people love are being remastered, there are so many being left behind in the past that more than deserve the limelight. Resident Evil has been remastered for multiple consoles, Crash Bandicoot is getting a full trilogy remaster launch this year, Activision has discussed the idea of remastering classic Call of Duty games, but what about more classics?

I would love to see more classic PlayStation 1 games to get a remaster and brought to PC and the newer console generations. There are so many games from the beginning console generation, that many gamers today associate with their childhood, that would make an incredible remaster!

Games like Spyro, Medieval, and Silent Hill would have incredible sales and appease a large community of the gamers today. The Call of Duty series getting more remasters, in my opinion, isn't a great idea because they are from early 2000's. While that is still awhile back, the classics I would like to see modernized are the one from the late '90's.

Now, I am not against the remastering of games like Last of Us. I know that some of you are already thinking "what about the games remastered just to bring to the new console?" There are situational ones that are fine, and Last of Us is a good example. The game launched on PS3 just months before the new generation console, PS4, was launched and so they made a remaster of a well-sold game and put it on the new generation console as well. If it wasn't for the timing, the remastering of a new game would be a ridiculous idea.

What games would you like to see remastered?