ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE Has a Bright Future in Elsweyr, Necromancers and Terrifying Dragons

Deserts, Dragons and Drumming Up The Dead

ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE has a metric s*%^ton of content and that is about to get even bigger with the launch of the Elsweyr expansion coming June 4th. While I’ve dabbled in the game off and on since launch and have enjoyed most of the content released thus far, playing Elsweyr on the PTS servers prior to launch has given me a whole new appreciation for the game and devs as a whole. So far, Elsweyr is the most confident, polished, and stunning expansion to the game yet.

See that dragon? Go ahead. Try to take it down solo. I double dog dare you.

Not only is the mysterious setting of Elsweyr a perfect setting for ESO, the dragons, Necromancers and Khajit are perfectly placed. First off though, the music and ambiance of Elsweyr is positively gorgeous. There were multiple times I just stood still and listened to the stunning soundtrack. In a world of so much mediocre or forgettable music in games, this was an extremely pleasant surprise. Also, just the barren yet dangerous deserts arechock full of things to do and see.

Grave Lord Deadloxx ready to rock!

Finally, the Necromancer class is just a blast to play. Whether you want to be launching flaming skulls, raising skeles to fight at your side or just tearing enemies from limb to limb, you can do it with the Necro. I can’t wait to see the tweaks and additions to this class and world at and after launch. If you love anything Elder Scrolls and want to dive into an MMO that is friendly to casual, hardcore, solo or team based play, ESO has something and more for you. Check out the trailer for Elsweyr below. See you on June 4th!